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Guess the Movie

Every week, CGMTV features a mystery clip from one of Cary Grant's films.  
Guess the movie and your name will be featured here! 
Each new GTM will be released Sunday evening at nine o'clock (Pacific Standard Time).

Guess the Movie: Week of August 14, 2016

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Guess The Movie is limited to 5 guesses per person.  Choose your guesses carefully, and have fun!

There were fifteen winners last week!  The correct answer was...

Madame Butterfly (1932).

Congratulations to the following
for guessing last week's GTM correctly:

 (in order of correct guess)

Colleen, MN
Sue, ID
Kristy, WA
Mary Ann, CA
Nancy, TX
Annecy, Philippines
Jan, AZ
Lucy, UK
Natalie, Switzerland
Denise, Portugal
LeeAnn, TN
Rebecca, CT
Rhonda, IL
Dorothy, Scotland
Bernadette, FL

Thanks to everyone who sent in their guesses!

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