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The eighth year of Guess the Movie has come to an end.  The following have made the most correct guesses in 2013:
2013 Winners
1st place tie (51 correct guesses) Colleen, MN
                                                  Rebecca, CT
                                                 Yuka, Japan
2nd place (50 correct guesses)   Mary Ann, CA
3rd place tie (49 correct guesses)   Dorothy, Scotland
                                          Lucy, UK
  4th place (47 correct guesses)  Kristy, WA
5th place (46 correct guesses)        Sue, ID

Click below to watch a video reviewing all 2013 Guess the Movie clips, and celebrating the year's winners and participants.
Thank you, Cary fans, for 8 years of fun!


Our latest Cary sighting:  I Love Lucy
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